Warehouse management

Surfagest’s integrated warehouse management system (WMS) allows you to manage the entire warehouse of your retail business. The WMS takes charge of the warehouse department where all orders to be prepared for shipment or delivery, as well as returns, are managed.

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Shipment dashboard

A shipment dashboard makes it possible to accurately manage all deliveries and pickups of merchandise at the warehouse. All relevant transaction information is displayed in the dashboard, making it easy for warehouse managers to work efficiently.

Pickup and Shipping

Shipping as well as store and warehouse pickups can be fully managed in Surfagest. The 100% integrated system keeps all departments informed of orders to be prepared and shipped as well as the status of transactions.

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Returned product management

When a return is registered in the Surfagest Warehouse Management System (WMS), all departments involved are notified in real time.

Returns of stock to be sent back to the supplier can also be entirely handled by Surfagest.

Stock location

Surfagest can locate the product in real time, exactly where it is located.
With the WSM integrated in Surfagest, location creation is possible for precise inventory management.

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Delivery and installation

Surfagest proposes tools to keep a precise control on the deliveries and installations to be carried out by your company or by a service provider.

Rooting sheet management and daily schedule

Daily deliveries and installations are managed through the calendar integrated in Surfagest. View the status of deliveries and installations, which are updated in real time. 



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