An easy management of suppliers  

Surfagest helps to manage suppliers of products or services. The detailed supplier record allows to keep the relevant information of the supplier, whether it is a supplier of merchandise, a service provider or an employee.


Management of merchandise suppliers

The detailed record sheet, designed to save the information of the suppliers, can be used to record the data of the merchandise suppliers, the service suppliers as well as the employees.  

Service provider

Keep the information of service providers directly in Surfagest. In the supplier’s card record, set up discounts, billing information, tax exemptions, etc. 

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Stock ordering to suppliers

The Surfagest allows the management of suppliers and simplifies the purchase from the supplier. In a few clicks, it is possible to place a order to a supplier. 

RMA Label

Create and print return merchandise labels (RMA) directly in Surfagest. Linked to the purcharse agreement, the RMA slip can be easily created in a few clicks. The RMA form allows you to keep track of the merchandise to be returned, by recording the information relevant to the return, such as the status, the method of return as well as the return fees.



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