Surfagest simplifies and takes charge of the sales process for retail businesses.


Purchase agreement

Create and manage your company’s retail sales orders.

With Surfagest ERP, you can create and manage purchase agreements with great ease. Add products and adjust costs and prices for each detail line of the purchase agreement.

Each of the detail lines in a purchase agreement can be processed individually, offering great flexibility and accurate tracking.

Purcharse agreement status

In real time, get the status for each detail line of a purcharse agreement: reserved in stock, ordered, delivery order issued, etc. 

The 100% built-in system of Surfagest, gives a precise follow-up of all the sales operations, in real time.

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Accurate billing management with Surfagest’s 100% integrated system

Precise management of billing and invoicing 

Invoicing and associated transactions are fully managed with the accounting module integrated into Surfagest. In a few simple operations, it is possible to convert a purcharse agreement into an invoice. 

Billing can be done in a total, progressive or flat rate way (materials and installation).


Create quotes directly in Surfagest

Use Surfagest to create a quote for a residential or commercial project, simply by adding the products registered in the ERP. The quote has no impact on the inventory quantities. 

For an efficient customer service, a wide range of options are offered directly in the quote, such as the follow-up system, appointment scheduling and note taking. 

Once completed, the quote can be duplicated or transformed into a purcharse agreement in one simple operation. 

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The quotation grid tool for commercial projects. 

Ideal to easily manage large-scale projects, the design tool allows you to create detailed commercial bids.

The bid grid offers the possibility to create groups of products and services, and to distribute them in a logical way throughout the project. 

Once completed, the bid can be broken down into 2 parts, facilities and materials.



Stay informed in real time with the integrated notification system of Surfagest. 

The notification dashboard lists all the information relevant to the smooth running of the company at the retail level.

The system is very useful when it comes to keeping a link between the company’s departments. Each department receives its notifications so that all the commercial steps follow one another.


Point of Sale (POS)

Surfagest offers an integrated system for sales made in-store. The POS system can be equipped with the necessary accessories to run your retail business as well.

Customer Discount

The Customer Discount tool allows you to assign a percentage discount, depending on the product category. Create templates, customize discounts or assign a special price. 



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