Easy inventory management

The Surfagest inventory system allows precise management of products, stocks, batches, as well as product locations.

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A detailed inventory sheet for a precise management of products in inventory.

The ERP of Surfagest allows you to create detailed sheets for each product in inventory. At any time, access a product’s file to get its details, such as the product code, description and information on the quantity in stock, in order or in reserve.

The unit costs paid, the retail prices for each product as well as the total value of the inventory can also be consulted from the product file. 



Simplified management of products

In real time, consult the inventory in Surfagest to get the exact quantities in stock, in reserve or on order. 



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Product tracking

All information relevant to the product tracking can be listed in the product record in Surfagest, ensuring an adequate inventory turnover and allowing to quickly locate stocks in inventory.

Multi-location and multi-warehouse inventory management

Surfagest offers to companies with several locations or warehouses to manage the inventory in a very precise way. At any time, it is possible to locate the inventory at its exact location and obtain information on the quantities in stock, reserved or on order, for each location of the product. 




Taking inventory

Inventory taking is greatly simplified thanks to Surfagest’s inventory taking module. Combined with the mobile application, it is possible to scan the labels of products and locations for a fast and uncomplicated inventory taking!

Automatic provisioning (min. / max. quantity)

Surfagest provides a precise management of the quantities and provisions of products in stock.  In a few clicks, adjust the reorder point (minimum and maximum quantities) for each product in stock, ensuring a smooth inventory turnover. 


Transport provision

The transport provision reflects a fair profitability. When calculating the profitability of a sale, if there is a freight allowance set up, it will be added to the cost of the product. This freight allowance is also taken into account when calculating the suggested retail price and taken into account in the commission report. 



Consult or modify the profitability of a project directly in the quote or sales order. Adjust the price of materials and installations or adjust the mark-up.

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The system allows the creation of promotions on selected products. Record the start and end dates, so that the system automatically manages the current promotions.

Management of unit costs, retail prices and average costs

The unit costs as well as the retail prices of the products can be managed directly in the product file. The average cost is calculated automatically.


Profitability report

Create custom reports with the tool provided. Add or remove items to be included when creating the report and export the report to Excel and PDF.


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