A complete management of clients

Customers are fully managed by the Surfagest system and CRM.

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Customer record

The customer record is used to record relevant customer information, such as personal and contact information, as well as data related to the type of sale, the tax group or the tax exemption.

The CRM file allows you to record activities with the customer, add follow-up reminders to the file and consult the history of emails exchanged with the customer.

Statement of account

View, print and send your customers’ statements directly from Surfagest. 

The statement of account provides information on customer accounts: type of transaction, payment terms, as well as payment information.


Service call

Service call information can be fully managed by Surfagest. Record information related to the service call, such as the claim number, the representative and the supplier associated with the case.  

It is also possible to schedule appointments and installations, add attachments and record a follow-up date, directly in the service call record.

Customer Reports

Several reports related to customers are available in Surfagest, such as account aging reports, service calls, account statements, customer list, invoice list, payment list and customer statement.


CRM Dashboard

The CRM dashboard gives an overview of the statistics related to the sales made by the team, such as sales performance, sales, credit notes, purchases, leads and service calls. All statistics can be exported.

Activities Dashboard

Schedule follow-up reminders to receive notifications in the activity dashboard, and keep track of ongoing files. 

Notification et rappel

Notes and attached documents

Keep information about a client directly in the Surfagest CRM, which allows you to enter notes and attach documents to the client’s file.


The schedule integrated in Surfagest is an essential tool to keep track of the operations of the company.

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Surfagest offers a reminder tool integrated to the CRM. Provide quality customer service to your customers and never forget a follow-up! 

Email management from the CRM

Stay on top of your team’s communications with customers by viewing their email history directly in Surfagest.


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