Built-in accounting solution

The accounting module of Surfagest is essential for the complete management of companies that use it. Fully integrated into the system, all accounting operations can be done directly with the accounting tools. 


Payable and receivable

Surfagest offers an accounting tool, developed specifically for retail businesses. Manage payments to suppliers and receivables directly in the accounting module of Surfagest.

Accounting entries and General Ledger

The accounting module of Surfagest is essential for the management of the accounting of your company.

The system allows, among other things, to make accounting entries and manage general ledger accounts.


Financial reports

Surfagest offers several financial reports for accurate management of your company’s accounting. Generate reports by fiscal year or period for trial balance, balance sheet, income statement and general ledger accounts.

Tax reports

Surfagest’s integrated tool allows you to generate tax reports for the desired general ledger accounts. The system allows you to manage taxes and tax groups.


Bank reconciliation

The system proposes accounting tools for the reconciliation of your company’s bank accounts. Reconcile the accounts registered in Surfagest and ensure the reconciliation of the company’s transactions.

Tax returns

Generate government tax returns and reverse entries from the tools provided in the Surfagest accounting module.


T5018 management

Generate the T5018 slips of subcontractors directly in the section provided for this purpose in Surfagest.

Management of CNESST and CCQ compliance certificates

Surfagest offers a tool to manage certificates of compliance CNESST and CCQ.


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